San Diego Appliance  Recyclers.


                                                    San Diego Appliance Recyclers. San Diego Appliance Recyclers. San Diego Appliance Recyclers. San Diego Appliance Recyclers.

                                        If you do not have a truck to recycle your own large appliances call the numbers below.


If You Have Your Own Truck Or Car You Can Take Your Recyclables Down Yourself. We Have A List Below Of Recycle Centers In San Diego County Where You Can Recycle Your Appliances, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Metal, Newspaper And Cardboard.


San Diego County Recycle Centers.


Replant Recycle Centers Toll Free Number is 1-877-737-5263.

All Information is currant but some centers may close without notice.

Allied Gardens

Nexcycle 6555 Mission Gorge Rd. Von's parking lot  1-800-969-2020  bottles/cans/plastics

Tomra Recycling  5185 Waring Rd. Albertson's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

Carmel Mountain Ranch

Tomra Recycling  11875 Carmel Mt. Rd. Ralph's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

Carmel Valley

Tomra Recycling  3455 Del Mar Heights Rd. Ralph's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics


Alpine Village / Replant Recycling.  2754 Alpine Blvd.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Chula Vista

Main Street Recycling.  1751 4th Ave.  619-585-4870

Mike's Recycling 3151 Main St. 619-426-2688  bottles/cans/plastics

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling. 780 Otay Lakes  Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Food 4 Less / Replant Recycling. 1320 E. 30th St.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Save A Lot / Replant Recycling. 1315 3rd Ave.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Del Mar

Ralph's/ Replant . 3455 Del Mar Heights Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

El Cajon

American Recycling.  210 El Cajon Blvd. 619-593-0089

California Metals.  297 South Marshall.  619-444-3111

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling. 2652 Jamacha Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  300 North Second.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only


Von's / Replant Recycling.  262 N. El Camino Real.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only


 Escondido Recycling.  1350 West Mission Rd.  619-229-1004

Escondido Disposal.   1044 West Washington Ave.   760-745-3203

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  1315 East Valley Pkwy.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only


Fallbrook Recycling.   550 West Aviation Rd.   760-728-6114

Imperial Beach

American Recycling.  1705 Palm Ave.  619-429-4007

La Mesa

EDCO.   8184 Commercial St.   619-466-3355

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  8650 Lake Murray Blvd.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Lemon Grove

EDCO.   6750 Federal Blvd.   619-287-7555

FOOD 4 LESS / Replant Recycling.  7420 Broadway.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

National City

A Alloys Recycling.  724 Civic Center.  619-474-4878  bottles/cans and metals

Pacific Steel. 1700 Cleveland Ave.  619-474-7081   metal and appliances only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  901 Euclid.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only


Palm Avenue Recycling  1705 Palm Ave    619-429-4007  bottles/cans/plastic

Normal Heights

Nexcycle 3610 Adams Ave. Von's parking lot  1-800-429-2020  bottles/cans/plastic

Old Town

Old Town Recycling. 2161 Handcock St.  619-543-9961  bottles/cans/plastic/cardboard/newspaper

Ocean Beach

OB Recycling  4840 Niagra Ave. No phone. Behind Rite Aid.  bottles/cans/plastics


Albertson's / Replant Recycling.  4150 Oceanside Bvld.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Albertson's / Replant Recycling. 3925 Mission Ave.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  1702 Oceanside Blvd.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  3450 Marron Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Paradise Hills

Tomra Recycling. 3011 Alta View Dr. 1-800-266-2453  bottles/cans/plastics


Nexcycle 13255 Black Mountain Road 1-800-969-2020  Von's Parking Lot bottles/cans/plastics

Point Loma

Aluminum Cans Plus. l3500 Barnett Ave  no phone  bottles/cans/plastics


Nexcycle 13438 Poway Rd. Von's parking lot  1-800-969-2020  bottles/cans/plastics

Rancho Bernardo

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  12475 Rancho Bernardo Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only


Tomra Recycling  6670 Montezuma Rd. Ralph's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

San Carlos

Tomra Recycling 8650 Lake Murray Blvd Albertson's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

San Diego City

Allen Recycling.  5165 Convoy.  858-268-8971

A B C Recycling.  3055 Fairmount Ave.  619-281-6092

American  Recycling.  4070 Home Ave.   619-266-8456

Bay Ho Recycling   3015 Clairemont Dr. behind Keil's no phone

Can Depo 6386 Del Cerro Blvd. Windmill Farms parking lot 619-582-1013 bottles/cans/plastics

Tomra Recycling  1020 University Ave. Ralph's  parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

Regan Recycling 220 Balboa Ave  no phone

Regan Recycling 4731 Clairmont Dr. suite F  858-270-7424

Tomra Recycling  4239 Gennesse Ave  Ralph's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

Nexcycle 7554 Girard Ave. Von's parking lot  1-800-969-2020  bottles/cans/plastics

IMS Recycling 1345 South 27th St. 619-231-2521

Can Depo 5303  University Ave. 619-582-1013

Tomra Recycling  8955 Mira Mesa Blvd.  Liquor Land  parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

Stadium Market & Recycling  2677 Mission Village Rd. 858-277-9628

Tomra Recycling  5680 Mission Center Rd. Ralph's parking lot  800-266-2453 bottles/cans/plastics

J & S Recycling.  3374 National Ave.   619-235-8010

Linda Recycling.  7011 Linda Vista Rd.  858-277-8820

Old. Town Recycling.  2161 Hancock.   619-543-9961

TIME Recycling.  412 Cesar E Chavez Pkwy.  619-235-8182

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  1020 University.  877-737-5263 bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  5680 Mission Center Rd. 877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  3515 Sports Area Ave.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.   6670 Montezuma Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.   3011 Alta Vista Dr.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.   4460 University Ave .  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.   101 G St  92101.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  5185 Waring Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles & cans only

Southwest Recycling.  1655 Euclid Ave.  619-920-2267  bottles & cans only

Liquor Land / Replant Recycling.  8955 Mira Mesa Blvd.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only


Allen Recycling.  8514 Mast Blvd.  619-448-4295  bottles/cans/plastics/cardboard/newspaper

San Marcos

EDCO.   224 South Las Posas Rd.   760-744-2700

San Ysidro

Save The Plant Recycling 3171 Iris Ave  619-429-3457  bottles/cans/plastics

Scripps Ranch

Nexcycle 10016 Scripps Ranch Blvd.. Von's parking lot  1-800-969-2020  bottles/cans/plastics

Spring Valley

Troy Recycling.  8743 Troy St.   619-466-2363

Ralph's/ Replant Recycling.  9831 Campo Rd.  877-737-5263  bottles/cans only

Springs Recycling  1069 Elkelton Bld.   619-461-0619 bottles/cans/plastics


Nexcycle 10460 Clairmont Mesa Blvd.. Von's parking lot  1-800-969-2020  bottles/cans/plastics

University City

Nexcycle 7788 Regents Rd. Von's parking lot  1-800-969-2020  bottles/cans/plastics


Do Not Call the Telephone Numbers below regarding any of the information above as we are not associated with the businesses above.


                   San Diego Hauling ®

                         Got Junk?  We've Been Hauling Since 1979.      San Diego's Number 1 Favorite Trash Haulers, Dumpster And Roll-Off Service.

                                                                    We are the original   

Our  Business Here At San Diego Appliance Recyclers And  San Diego Hauling® Is To Haul Away Your Couches, Junk, Trash, Garbage, Debris, Rubbish, Mattress, Waste, Fences, Couches, Tree Trimmings, Jacuzzi, Construction DebrisHot TubsFurniture, TVs, Wood, Awnings, Toilets, Drywall,  Refuse, Carpet, Dirt, Pallets, Spas And Concrete To A Landfill. We Also Can Come To Your  Home Or Business And  Pick Up And  Recycle  Your Appliances Or Recyclables Like Cardboard,  Appliances, Washing Machines, Dryers, Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Stoves, Heaters,  Refrigerators, Dish Washers, Water Heaters, Bath tubs,  Universal Waste, Computer MonitorsOvens And  We Will Take Them To A Recycling Center For You.

 619-264-8829     619-888-1666     619-584-8737

Want A Dumpster Dropped Off? Ask About Renting A Dumpster Or A Dump Trailer We Rent Dumpsters.                                                                                                               

When you rent  dump trailers from San Diego Appliance Recyclers you will happy to find that we can drop off a trailer at your home or  business and pick it right up after you fill it up. All you have to do is just call us. Renting one of our dump trailers can have an advantage over renting dumpsters, roll-offs and debris bins. In case you do not have a driveway our trailers can be parked on a street  without having to go through the long permit process to obtain a permit from the city. Permits are required for dumpster and roll-offs when placing them on the street. Our trailers can also access areas that dumpsters and roll-offs can’t get into. Unlike dumpsters debris boxes and  debris bins you are allowed to stack your junk or debris beyond the top edges of our dump trailers  walls. You may stack as high as possible. Also our dump trailers can hold more weight than debris bins of the same size. Typically one can load 3 times more weight on our trailers than on debris bins of comparable size. Keep in mind the length of the material or junk you are tossing out. Commonly used plywood, drywall and two by fours are 8 foot long in length. That is why work trucks have 8 foot long beds. Also most couches measure about 8 feet long. The length of debris bins might be an issue to consider if you have things up to 8 feet long. Our custom made dump trailers are 8 foot long 5 foot wide and the walls stand 4 feet tall. Look at our pictures. You can see you can fit an 8 foot tall jacuzzi up right in our trailer with room to spare. Our trailers are low to the ground ( 2 feet ) and you can open the two doors so you do not have to lift heave objects up and over like you would have to when renting  debris boxes and debris bins. One can also roll a real heavy object up into the trailer with a plank or board placed at the back edge of the trailer. Our price is all inclusive. No hidden fees and we will pay the dump fee. There are no extra charges like drop off or pick up fees. We work 7 days a week and can drop off a trailer and  pick it up the same day you call. Try to find dumpster  companies that can do that.  You can check us out on Myspace and Facebook.



San Diego Appliance Recyclers One Ton Trucks Above Shows How High We Can Stack Your Junk As Well As What 16 Cubic Yards Of Junk Looks Like. The Picture Of The Ford Pick Up Trucks  Above Is Stacked 9 Feet High. Remember When Getting A Price Quote For A Load Of Junk Or Trash On A Pick Up Truck From Any Hauler A Load Means As High As The Haulers  Can Stack The Junk Or Rubbish. From My Almost 30 Years Of Experience I Know That  Some Loads Don't Require One To Stack Junk That High. If Your Hauler Has Given You A Price Quote For A Pick Up Truck Load Of Junk Or Garbage He Should Stack That Truck Till He Can't Get Any More On. He Should Not Try And Make 2 Loads Out Of One Load By Haphazardly Throwing The Trash In His Pick Up Truck. When Talking About Pick Up Trucks No Haulers Should Try To Double Charge You To Put On The Rest Of Your Junk, When There Is Still More Room On The Junk Truck For More Junk And Trash. One New Hauler In Town Is Advertising That He Is Stacking The Junk Only 3.38 Feet High Or 6 Cubic Yards And He Is Advertising That As A Load. That Is Half A Load On A Pick-Up TruckJunk Haulers Should Be Able To Stack At Least 6 Feet High Or More. Ask The  Hauler How High He Intends To Stack For The Price That He Quotes You. No Junk Haulers Should Show Up In A Pick Up Truck With Junk Already On His Junk Truck Unless He Gets Your Prior Consent Prior To Him Showing Up. Pick Up Trucks Come In Eight Foot Beds And The More Familiar Six Foot Beds And Smaller Beds. They Also Come In One Ton ( The Heavy Duties) Three Quarter Ton, Half Ton And Mini Pick Up Trucks. This Section Is Meant To Educate Those Individuals Whom Are Unfamiliar With This San Diego Hauling Industry And How It Works.

Have You Every Seen Junk Or Furniture On The Freeways? Usually That Is A Home Owners Or Amateur Junk Haulers Not Properly Covering And Tying Down Their Loads. If You Look Above You Can See The Tarp And Fishing Net Method We Use To Insure Absolutely Nothing Falls Or Blows Off Our Trucks Or Trailers We Have Been Hauling In San Diego Since 1979 And Nothing Has Every Fallen Off One Of Our Trucks Or Trailers.  

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When You Hire San Diego Appliance Recyclers And San Diego Hauling ®  To Haul Away And Disposal Of Your Junk Or To Recycle Your Recyclables You Get a Professional, And Licensed, Small Family Owned Business With Reasonable Rates. You Get Honest Hard Work And Above All No Gimmicks, Or Fake Specials Or Fake Discounts. We Don't Post Really Low Up Front Price Quote On The Internet Prior To Getting The Particular's Of A Job Just To Entice The Public Into Calling Us First And Then Instead Of Honoring That Price Quote For A Pick Up Truck Load As Advertise, They Only Fill The Pick Up Truck  Half  Way Full And Then Charge You That Same Advertised Price Again To Get The Rest Of  Your Junk On. Now You Just Paid Double. Turns Out It Wasn't A Bargain After All. All Us Haulers Pay Pretty Much The Same Gas Prices And Dump Fees. Did You Know That San Diego Haulers Tend To Charge More For Dirt And Construction Debris Because It Takes Longer To Load And Unload As Well As In Same Cases Costing More To Than Dump Say Tree Branches, Which Have A Reduced Dump Fee At The Landfills. Also The Distance One Lives  From The Dump Also Factors Into The Price Quote. And If The Debris, Trash Or Rubbish Needs To Be Hauled Out Or Wheel Barrow Out To The Driveway, This Will Substantially Increase The Price Quote. Knowing These Details And Others Are Essential Before a Firm Quote Can Be Given As To Cost Of  Hauling Anything Away. So Posting a Extremely Low Up Front Price Quote Without First Getting The Specific Details Of The Job Is Just An Attention Grapping Gimmick Of A Struggling New Stat Up Hauling Business. Anyone Trying To Ride The Coat Tails Of Our Trade Marked Business Name In An Attempt To Trick The Public Into Believing That They Are Us By Using Our Name ( San Diego Hauling ) Or Like Sounding Names Is Probable Not Deserving Of Your Business

 In The Last Few Years There Has Been A Huge Influx Of Out Of State Rubbish Haulers And Out Of State Businesses Usually Found At The Very Top Of The Page Of A Google Or Yahoo Internet Search. That Area Is Called The Sponsor Block And There They Pay For The Privilege To Be Up Front Of The Others.  Some Of These Businesses Will Sell Your Job To A Local Third Party Junk Hauler Here In San Diego For A Percentage Of The Job Or A Flat Fee.  At least Once A Month We Get Solicited By One Of These Many Companies Trying To Recruit Us.  

There Also Has Been An Explosion Of New Junk Haulers And Part Time Junk Haulers Entering The Junk Hauling Market Here In San Diego County Due To The Fact That They Can Advertise For Free And Anonymously On The Internet. They Also Only Work For Cash Or A Check Made Out To Them Personally. The Majority Of The New Start Up Junk  Haulers Don't Even Bother To Get A Business License And Just Use Someone Else's Business Name Or A Fictitious Name Without Complying With The Law Requiring Them To File For a D.B.A. Click Here To Link To And Get More Information About San Diego Business License. Some Of These New Junk Haulers That I Meet At The Dump Are Nice Guys  And Some Are Just Dishonest Haulers. The County Recorders Office is 619-237-0502. One Guy I Talked To At The Miramar Landfill That  Had His Cell Phone Number Spray Painted On The Sides Of  His Truck Told Me He Was Hauling For Cash To Avoid Paying Child Support To His Ex Wife.  So She's On Public Assistance And Our Taxes Are Supporting His 2 Kids. Most Internet Ads I See Posted Only Post First Names Only And a Cell Phone Number. I Have Seen A Lot Of These Guys Come And Go Over The Years. They Usually Last A Year Or Two Or Longer If They Are Hauling Part Time. Give Us A Call To See What We Charge For Dump Runs

When Comparing Prices In San Diego County Disposal Of Your Junk Or Garbage. Whether You Are Renting a Dumpster, Debris Box,  Dump Trailers, Debris Bin Or Hiring a Junk Hauling Business Using a Larger Flat Bed Truck, Compare How Much They Charge By The Cubic Yard, Which Is The Industries Standard Measurement, Or Compare By  How Much They Charge By The Load On A Pick Up Truck.  Also Ask How Many Feet High They Stack The Junk. A load On A  Pick Up Truck Means As High As The Junk Hauler Can Stack Which Can Be As High As 7 To 9 Feet or More. A Load Is Not Half Way Full On A Pick Up Truck. If They Say They Can't Quote How Many Cubic Yards They Can Get In Their Pick Up Truck, Just Move On. Take a Look At Our 1 Ton Dump Trucks And See How High We Can Stack. By Comparing Cubic Yards And Prices,  You Will See We Have Good Prices. Some Hauling Businesses Post On The Internet What They Charge By The Cubic Yard. They Are Charging 2 to 3 Times More Than Us. That's a Big Difference. My Name Is Tom Cruz And I Have Been In This Industry Here In San Diego Since 1979. We Are a  Licensed And Insured Business. As Owner I Believe In Customer Satisfaction And Hands On Involvement. That Is Why 80% Of Our Business Is Repeat Business. Some Of Our Customers  Have Been With Us For Over 20 Years. Hire a Junk Hauling  Business With A Long And Proven Track Record. As Always Open 7 Days a Week. We Are The Top Number One San Diego Hauling Contractor, So Call The Hauling Pros.

The Telephone Number To San Diego City Weekly Trash Pick-Up And Hazardous Waste Is 858-694-7000. The number to the San Diego Garbage Collection Department is 858-694-7000. Here is a link to their website. environmental services

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Here are areas we go to:  NORTH PARK, SERRA MESA, MISSION VALLEY, TIERRA SANTA, UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, EL CAJON, LEMON GROVE, EL CAJON, FLETCHER HILLS, ALLIED GARDENS, LA MESA, LAKESIDE, MOUNT HELIX, RANCHO SAN DIEGO, SAN CARLOS, LAKE MURRAY, SANTEE, SPRING VALLEY, IMPERIAL BEACH,  NATIONAL CITY, OCEAN VIEW HILLS, PARADISE HILLS, SAN YSIDRO, COLLEGE GROVE, DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO, LINDA VISTA, HILLCREST, MISSION HILLS, NORMAL HEIGHTS, KENSINGTON, CITY HEIGHTS, CLAIREMONT, CORONADO, KEARNY MESA, LA JOLLA, MISSION BAY, MIRA MESA, MT SOLEDAD, BIRDROCK, OCEAN BEACH, PACIFIC BEACH, POINT LOMA, SCRIPPS RANCH, UNIVERSITY CITY, EAST COUNTY, SOUTH COUNTY, NORTH COUNTY,  SOUTH BAY, BONITA, DEL REY, CHULA VISTA, EASTLAKE, DEL MAR, ENCINITAS, CARDIFF, LA COSTA, SOLANA BEACH, CARMEL VALLEY, ESCONDIDO, FALLBROOK, BONSALL, PENASQUITOS, POWAY, RANCHO BERNARDO, 92128, 92129, 92027, 92026, 92027, 92059, 92060, 92061, 92082, 92026, 92025, 92029, 92003, 92028, 92088, 92129, 92064, 92128, 92127, 92036, 92065, 92070,,92069, 92079, 92069, 92078, 92083, 92084, 92081, 92083, 92104, 92108, 92123, 92124, 92116, 91901, 91903, 92906, 91916, 91948, 91962, 9199, 91921, 92020, 92019, 91945 91942 91941 92040 91941 91935 92041 92078 92092 92019 92020 92119 92071, 91977, 92154, 91932, 91950, 92154 92139, 92102, 92113, 92114, 92173, 92108, 92120, 92124, 92115, 92105, 92115, 92120, 9210,1 92103, 92116, 92105, 92111, 92117, 92110, 92118, 92123, 92193, 9203,7 92109, 92126, 92121, 92126 92196, 92107, 92109, 92106, 92110, 92131, 92122, 91902, 91910, 91911, 91914, 91915 91913, 92008 92010 92014, 92130, 92007, 92024, 92023, 92024, 92009, 92011, 92054, 92068, 92057, 92056, 92057, 92054, 92067, 92075, 92056.

Copyright 1979 - 2012 by Tom Cruz owner of  San Diego Hauling ® . All rights Reserved. Copyright  protects all content contained on this site. San Diego County D. B. A.  Number for San Diego Hauling is 2006-039892.  Business License # B1986006212.

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